You’re eat what? I’m eating…Kohlrabi!

You’re eat what? I’m eating…Kohlrabi!

Welcome back, friends! On Tuesdays I’m planning a loose version of a “Tasty Tuesday” series where I may or may not have something tasty. ūüėČ I plan on having new recipes, my versions of recipes from chefs I respect (with due credit, of course!), and foods that I didn’t know about or perhaps only discovered in the recent past.

This week I’m showcasing kohlrabi. Apparently, after doing a quick search on Google for this vegetable I am not the only one who is just discovering it.

The elusive kohlrabi.

I should fill you in though – I went home this weekend to visit with my parents and grandparents and it was my grandmother who introduced me to this friendly cabbage variety: “You’ve never had kohlrabi??” and then she schooled me on how to prepare it.

Grandma grows kohlrabi
Grandma laughing at me for never having kohlrabi.

I’m calling¬†kohlrabi friendly because you can eat it raw or cooked. The only way I eat cabbage raw is when it’s in a coleslaw, but kohlrabi I ate like an apple. It has more of a sweet taste than traditional green cabbage and the texture is between a crisp apple and a jicama (maybe that’ll be a future post!).

To prepare you can choose to peel it or not, it’s really whatever you’re feeling that day. We peeled it, cut it and ate it. To peel, pull the little prong things down and tear off the skin. We chose to use a knife to help us out and get the skin started. See the end result of a peel and rough chop below.

How I’m eating it right now.

Grandma also says it’s delicious cooked in some butter with salt and pepper. We’ll have to take her word for it because I haven’t tried that method yet and have chosen to eat all the sweet cabbage-apple-jicama combo vegetable raw, but she’s usually right about such things.

’till next time, friends, enjoy this new vegetable…and in the least, enjoy just knowing about it!

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