Workout Wednesday

Workout Wednesday

For the past few weeks I’ve been cutting back on my workouts, adding leisure walks and really trying to auto-regulate, using intuition and some biofeedback testing to determine what I do. That being said, oftentimes I’m updating what I’m doing mid-workout because a movement doesn’t feel great. (Learning how to do this has been a process over many years, but if you want some concrete help, go here and read more about biofeedback.)

This is a workout post, though, and I want to share what I started out with and then what I thought about while working out to distract myself from how I was feeling. There’s opportunity to learn from myself (and, yourself) as I (and, you) go through this iterative process of creating (and you, doing) workouts and dealing with what can feel like roadblocks, but are actually great learning opportunities.

Here’s what I set out to do:

20 mins As Many Rounds as Possible (or Pretty as Jen Sinkler says!)
30 Double Unders (read a great write up here)
20 Single Arm Kettlebell Overhead Squats (10/side)
10 Single Arm Kettlebell Racked Squat (5/side)
20 Kettlebell Side Bends

via: Tabata Times

Thoughts when creating this:

  1. I didn’t want too much grip work because jumping rope can be hard on your grip (I say can because I often see clients (and, myself) resort to clenching the handle in a death grip. Try this instead: relax the hand.) and thus I wanted to have the Kettlebell in the overhead and racked positions.
  2. After Double Unders I wanted something slower and an overhead Kettlebell squat is fairly slow because of the stability component.
  3. Lately I’m loving singe sided moves for cross-body stability so I added that.
  4. And, then I wanted to fire up one side to see how that felt after stabilization.
  5. 20 minutes felt good because I wanted to work hard, but at a pace…and that’s how much time I had before I had to recover for my next client.

What happened:

After the first round I felt pretty good and thought this won’t be so bad. But then, round 2 came and I couldn’t believe how little time had passed! I should say that I also increased the Double Under reps to 50 because I was looking for a good Deltoid burn and wasn’t getting that at 30 reps. At the end of round 3 I had a great idea: stop at 10 minutes.

I’m not saying this because it was too hard. This wasn’t an “I quit” thing. Instead, I knew that if pushed for much longer than 10 minutes my form would get sloppy and I’d push against a red-line where I wouldn’t have been able to recover quickly enough to get back to the workout at a decent pace. (I also clearly went too hard too quickly…but, that’s something that is learned the more I do conditioning like this.)


Keeping the double unders at 30 reps would have helped and I probably would have kept going. The burn in my Deltoid would have happened, but not on the first couple of rounds. I didn’t love the overhead squats as much as I thought. My shoulders were pretty smoked from the double unders and I also wanted more bending without a flexed shoulder right after staying tall through the double unders. The squats weren’t leg dominant, but more core dominant which is what I was going for, but didn’t anticipate how little leg work involved (note: this could totally feel different if I used heavier bells!)

Try these instead:

Alternate Workout 1

12 mins As Many Rounds as Possible 
30 Double Unders
20 Single Arm Racked Kettlebell Squat (10/side)
10 Single Arm Bent Over Row (5/side)  (Option: add another KB and do 10 double or Alternating!)
20 Kettlebell Side Bends

A mental game, Alternate Workout 2:

10 mins As Many Rounds as Possible
30 Double Unders
20 Single Arm Kettlebell Overhead Squats (10/side)
10 Single Arm Kettlebell Racked Squat (5/side)
20 Kettlebell Side Bends

Rest to recovery (or mostly recovery), then:

As Many Rounds as you completed above, do 1 less round for time. (For example, if you completed 4 rounds above, do 3 rounds once you’ve recovered.)

Final thoughts

All of this is determined by how conditioned you are, what Kettlebell weight you use and the thickness of your jump rope. I can remember a time when the Deltoid burn wouldn’t have affected me as it did yesterday. And, when I would have been able to auto-regulate my pace better so that 20 minutes wouldn’t have been as “long” as it was. Additionally, I’m assuming that you 1. are able to double unders, 2. own a jump rope and a Kettlebell.

For a double under sub you can do 2-3x single jumps or (harder!) 1x singles + 1/2x tuck jumps. And, then practice your double unders when you’re not fatigued.

And, here’s a bodyweight alternative (watch out for the delt and quad burn on those sit-throughs!).

Bodyweight Alternative Workout:

12 mins As Many Rounds as Possible 
50 side to side hops over an imaginary line (25/direction)
20 Single Arm Raised SLOOOOOOW squats, pulling yourself down for 5 seconds and up for 5 seconds (10/side)
10 Sit-throughs (per side or total)
20 Penguins





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