Workout Wednesday on Thursday: Double Snatches, Oh My!

My jam is Kettlebell workouts where I have 1 or 2 Kettlebells and don’t put ’em down. It’s probably the efficiency element that I really dig, so when I wrote out this workout I knew that was my going to be the focus. Try this if you’re into hard work followed by rest. If you want a grinder where you’re working hard for a long time, this isn’t for you, today! Workout Wednesday on Thursday is all about trying out a workout and learning from it so that I get to know my body better and learn better programming for when I dish these out to my clients.

Here’s what I set out to do:

5 rounds:
5 Double Kettlebell Snatches
5 Double Racked Kettlebell Squats
5 Alternating Kettlebell Press
5 Alternating Kettlebell Marching

(At 12 kg.)


And, a ridiculously fast version of one round below:

Can I remember how to orient the camera, please?


Thoughts when creating this:

  1. It was implied (to me…and if I were going to give it to someone else I’d have written it) that I would go through 5 straight rounds of this and “rest when needed”. I also wanted to do all 4 movements before putting the bell down.
  2. Every week I’ve been writing this, but I wanted something that was going to be tough, but do-able. Something that would have intensity. (Note: I disagree that all workouts have to be like this, however, since I’m only working out 2x/week and with the intention to complete metabolic conditioning workouts when I do, that’s what’s happening.)
  3. I wanted something mentally hard, too. That’s where the double snatches came in.
  4. Alternating pressing is one of my favorite things to add to a conditioning piece. Alternating anything really…for a couple of reasons. A. There’s no moment of rest. When doing double press, there’s a natural pause at the bottom, but with alternating there’s more of an element of “touch and go”. (I use that phrase lightly, knowing that you know that we’re not lettin’ things get sloppy or out of control.) B. I would not have been able to double press the bell I was using for the rest of the workout. And, I’d argue, or politely discuss, that goes for a lot of people.
  5. Core was at the top of my list. It comes into play in every move, but particularly the racked squats and the marching. I also love ending with core in a fatigued state. This is something you’d want the person doing the work to be ready for, though. If a client can’t do core work, read: control their core, in non-fatigued state, they won’t get any benefit doing it under fatigue (and, it could do more harm than good).
  6. The limiting factor(s) is a combo of the double snatch and the ability to press the Kettlebell. I couldn’t have gone heavier while still strict pressing the bell for all 5 rounds.

What Happened:

This was hard! I did the workout mostly as written, except I added in a rest after the first round about the time it took to do the set. My intention was to go into the next round if I thought I could make it through the whole set, but there was something in me that said, “take a rest”. So I did. I loved it otherwise.

On the last two rounds (rounds 4 and 5) I did try to go straight through them. I wanted to see what would happen and what it would feel like so I could report back. I made it through the 4th round, but still had to pause to chalk up before the last round of snatches. And, I had to pause before the alternating press (see above). Not ideal. I wanted to do the whole set then rest.


I really liked this workout. Going heavier would have been really hard (for me) because my double snatches aren’t great yet and there was no way I could strict press the 16kg in this workout. Going lighter might have given me the ability to go through more than one round completely, but I wanted that challenge in my double snatches from the 12 kg.

Depending on your conditioning level I’d definitely recommend a rest after each round, however, if you’re in good conditioning shape you can do more than one round at a time. It would be fun to do 2 rounds then rest, repeated 3 times for those who can handle two rounds at a time at a challenging weight (not me…yet).

Try these instead:

The I’m-Progressing-My-Double-Snatch-in-Skills-Sessions WorkoutAlternative #1:
5 rounds:
5 Double Kettlebell Cleans
5 Double Racked Kettlebell Squats
5 Alternating Kettlebell Press
5 Alternating Kettlebell Marching
Rest at the bottom of each round as needed

The I-Have-One-Kettlebell Workout Alternative #2:
5 rounds:
5 /side Kettlebell Snatch
5 /side Racked Kettlebell Squats
5 /side Kettlebell Press
5 /side Kettlebell Marching
Rest at the bottom of each round as needed.

The I-Do-Have-Great-Conditioning-Abilities Workout Alternative #3:
2 rounds, no rest:
5 Double Kettlebell Cleans
5 Double Racked Kettlebell Squats
5 Alternating Kettlebell Press
5 Alternating Kettlebell Marching
Rest at the bottom of the 2nd round as needed, x 3 sets.

Final Thoughts:

Always remember that this workout and takeaways are specific to me. That doesn’t mean the lessons-learned aren’t applicable to other people, but remember when giving workouts it’s super important to keep the client in mind first. That being said, I’d love to get your thoughts on if you tried this out—fill me in below!

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