Do You Need to Go Lift Something? A survey with only one answer.

Do You Need to Go Lift Something? A survey with only one answer.


strength training

By now you know I love lifting heavy things. With the exception of the time I went rogue and ran a marathon most of my experience with working out included picking heavy things up. I hear a lot of trepidation when I bring up strength training and heavy hitters like fear and anxiety which are at the top of the list. I’m not here to tell you those feelings are unfounded so we can deal with those in next week’s post. What I want to do today is to pant some seeds (does it count if I tell you I’m trying to plant a seed?).  So…let’s take a little survey. Check any and all that apply:

  •  _____ You have trouble getting up off of the ground, out of a chair, and out of bed in the morning.
  •  _____ You’re not able to take all of the grocery bags into the house in one trip anymore.
  •  _____ It’s getting harder to hold a child on your hip while talking on the phone and stirring dinner.
  •  _____ You sit all day.
  •  _____ Your low back and neck are chronically sore (hot tip: first see a doc to make sure you’re cleared to lift).
  •  _____ Your job stresses you out.
  •  _____ Opening a jar of pickles is impossible.
  •  _____ You don’t feel comfortable holding a precious baby in your arms while walking around your house.
  •  _____ Going up steps is tough.
  •  _____ Going down steps is worse.
  •  _____ You aren’t yet able to ride a bike up this mountain:

    strength training bike ride
    I was there.
  •  _____ You can’t dig yourself out of a snow storm.
  •  _____ You have trouble bringing the clean laundry up from the basement.
  •  _____ The thought of vacuuming your entire house is exhausting – AND, you love vacuuming!
  •  _____ You’re not looking forward to going to the pumpkin patch to pick out and haul a large pumpkin.

I agree, some of these are loaded statements – I mean, who really loves vacuuming? The point is – there are so many reasons TO lift that outshine the reasons not to lift. Other than urging you to starting picking up weight that isn’t the laundry basket I’d urge you to find a reputable source for teaching you the right way to move. You just might find yourself stronger, happier, more confident and finally able to eat your pickles.


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this survey is not based on medical knowledge or opinion. The situations listed above have the potential to be a result of a medical condition. If you are experiencing pain, vertigo or another symptom please consult a physician before starting a new exercise program. The Working Body is not suggesting that strength training will solve a medical problem.

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