Pelvic Tilt and the Water Bowl

Pelvic Tilt and the Water Bowl

Fact: Your rectus abdominis has more than a “6 pack”. You’re really getting  a bargain with a 10 pack, or 10 bellies to the muscle. Fact: Your 10 pack aids in a posterior pelvic tilt. Assumption: Everyone knows what posterior pelvic tilt means.

This week I drew the rectus abdominis for my weekly muscle drawing on facebook. Head on over and like my page for cool new info every day. The action of the rectus abdominis, a.k.a. your abs (there are actually 4 muscles that make up the abs), is to flex your spine and to tilt your pelvis posteriorly. As I was filling in the drawing I thought everyone might not know what that means.

So, I made a video, check it out:

I hope this helps your understanding of pelvic tilt; let me know in the comments!


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