Pectoralis Major: The Hustle Muscle

Pectoralis Major: The Hustle Muscle

Pectoralis Major, or pec major around town, is the beefy chest muscle you use to complete reps on the bench press or pushup. It’s also used a crazy amount during a part of The Hustle. And, if you don’t know what that is, you need to know…so, here’s Robert Hays being liberal with this move:

Airplane! |

There’s also a lot of deltoid action going on in there, but I digress. I’ll replay the gif when we get to that because there’s no such thing as seeing that enough. Additionally, I’ve been told that this isn’t The Hustle, but I would disagree and say this is a liberal interpretation of part of the dance and since this is my blog I’m sticking with that. Ok, back to more important things…


Pec major is a really cool muscle – and by that, I mean it opposes itself (remember that’s called an antagonist) just like trapezius. There are three sets of fibers that make up pec major: the upper, middle and lower. The upper fibers help to flex the shoulder and raise the arm and the lower fibers help to extend the shoulder and bring it back down. All of the fibers adduct the shoulder – a.k.a. bring it towards the middle of your body. Now can you see why The Hustle is such an appropriate move to showcase this awesome muscle?!

Find out more information such as the origin and insertion in the drawing:

Pectoralis Major



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