One Little Trick: No More Multitasking

One Little Trick: No More Multitasking

I’ve stopped multitasking. Ok, ok…I’m trying really hard to stop multitasking and it’s working about 87% of the time. I’m not reading emails at the red lights or scheduling clients during writing time. If I’m writing, I’ll shut down all the other programs on the computer. You get the idea.

via Flikr, Emilien Etienne
via Flikr, Emilien Etienne

This all came from an article about a study. If I knew what that study was or remembered the article I read, I’d be sharing it [here]…and, if I come across it again during my research time, I’ll let you know. Most likely I can’t recall because of said multitasking. Despite my lack of recollection, I’ve still taken away a great life lesson.

When we are fully engaged in a single task, we’re happy – even if that task isn’t necessarily a task we want to be doing.

Note: my interpretation and the intention of the article can, quite possibly, mutually exclusive.

So, I stopped multitasking. And, WOW! I’ve felt a difference in my mood. It’s made me more productive and happier in general. I feel less rushed and less forgetful. I take a mental note of moments when I want to pick up my phone, open another task on the computer or text while walking (etc…right?!) and notice that right before I think about multitasking, I’m content with what’s going on. The thought following the thought that I need to start on a second task is one of anxiety.

People pride themselves on being able to multitask. And, I used to be one of those people! Yet there are so many articles telling us that it’s not beneficial from a productivity standpoint and that there actually isn’t even such thing as multitasking. I propose we stop. Don’t try to fool yourself that you’re getting more done or you’re so good at multitasking. We can all agree that multitasking content switching is less productive and takes more time.

From my small little, non-scientific experiment, I can see how being mindful and doing one freaking thing at a time is also incredibly beneficial from an emotional standpoint. I’m not so dang anxious all of the time and don’t feel super rushed like I did when I was multitasking to not. feel. rushed. See where I’m going here?

See…I HAD to tell you this as soon as I realized how powerful it’s been in my life. Try it out for a day or two and see how it goes. Randomly ping yourself to note how you’re feeling throughout the week. From my very unscientific self-study I’ll be keeping my no multitasking efforts well into the future.

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