The Lazy Chef: Mushrooms

The Lazy Chef: Mushrooms

You guys probably don’t know this about me, but I’m pretty lazy – especially lately in the kitchen. We’re in the process of renovating a house…eek!…and it’s taking up a ton of time, so something’s got to give, right? Well, that something is creative and time consuming cooking. Since putting great food into my body is a priority of mine, I needed to figure out ways to make great food, fast.

It was only two months ago that I finally learned how to make mushrooms the right way, well at least my right way. I was at my friend, Katrina’s house (yes, this Katrina!) and she made the best mushrooms that I’ve tried to recreate ever since. Mushrooms are kind of hard; there’s so much water in them and they never came out right…until now! This is a twist (only because I added an herb and cooked them on the stove versus the much cooler grill) on Katrina’s mushrooms that I now make all. the. time. because they’re easy and delicious – a lazy chef’s winning combination.


The Lazy Chef Mushrooms


  • 16 oz Mushrooms (I used Cremini)
  • 3-4 tablespoons chopped parsley, optional
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • Salt + Pepper, as desired


  1. Clean the mushrooms: use a damp cloth and wipe away all the dirt on the mushrooms. Soaking them or rinsing them will cause them to absorb extra water.mushrooms
  2. Slice or dice the mushrooms. I prefer to dice them because I like to bite into a chunk, but slicing looks so pretty! Sometimes when I’m really lazy, or there’s a sale, I’ll buy the cleaned and cut mushrooms.mushrooms_chopped
  3. Put the mushrooms into a pan on medium-high heat. You heard right, add nothing else at this point. The mushrooms will start to soften and release some of their water.mushrooms_pan
  4. Optional: add chopped parsley or whatever herb you like. Sometimes I add dried herbs and let them soften with the mushroom juice/broth.
  5. Let the mushroom broth evaporate and then add butter!mushrooms_cooked
  6. Cook until desired consistency. (I like when there is a slight char from the butter and thus cook this on pretty high heat.)
  7. S & P as needed.
  8. Eat the best mushrooms and tell all your friends.


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