Muscle Art

Learning about muscles is hard! It’s not a jump-out-of-your-seat comedy show and, often, it’s done by reading a dry textbook in a freezing classroom (could I make it sound worse?); most of the time it’s because you have to learn about the muscles and not because you want to.

As trainers and coaches we want to get to the fun stuff. Am I right!?

It’s no surprise that the coaches we look up to know how the body works—from the brain to biomechanics—because somewhere along the way, they took an interest in learning the basics. Part of that foundational knowledge is basic human anatomy.

Knowing about muscles is essential, and yet, we put it off and stomp away temper-tantrum-style when faced with learning insertions, origins, and actions. I get it, I’ve been there. What if, though, we made the muscles part of the fun stuff?

That’s why I decided to make a different type of tool. Let’s make muscles witty. And, fun. And, occasionally tongue-in-cheek silly. Let’s treat muscles as their own being with feelings about their “big sister” (helloooooo pec major) or that they are so unimportant that not all humans have one (get a grip psoas minor).

If knowing about muscles makes us better trainers and coaches, then let’s find the most fun and memorable way to take it all in.

That’s #musclestothemasses. Below are the drawings that bring muscles to life, taking you on a crazy tour of the body by giving you the info that separates you from that trainer over there who doesn’t know he’s using his bicep to do bicep curls.

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