Imperfect Manifesto

I won’t claim to be absolutely right, but will claim to write what I believe is right, well, right now. The wellness industry is constantly changing and it would be impossible to write the most absolute truth for you each week because by the next week we’ll all have more information and our views changed.

Knowing this has prohibited me from putting out information on this very blog for awhile now. How can I publish something online that I’m not 100% sure will be 100% true tomorrow – or worse, isn’t true today and I just didn’t do enough research? What if I read the wrong thing, or interpret it incorrectly? What if I trust a source that I shouldn’t trust? What if, what if, what if? So, what if I am wrong? How bad can that be? I have yet to talk to someone who hasn’t changed their mind about something. I’m allowed to do that too, right? Why should I hold myself to a standard I wouldn’t set for someone else? I’m going to try to cut myself some slack here and say that it. will. be. OK. If I continue learning then I’m constantly moving forward. And, new knowledge doesn’t make old knowledge wrong, it just makes it old. 

Classic paralysis by analysis (doesn’t have the same ring as Classic Peg, does it?): I was over-thinking writing and should just do it. I lift heavy things to get better at, well, lifting heavy things so it follows that I’d need to write to get better at writing, right?

In my opinion, a core trait of paralysis by analysis is perfectionism. If I weren’t striving for perfection then I wouldn’t really care about what I wrote and if it were correct. This, coupled with the constantly evolving wellness field makes for a really empty blog. But, in truth, the desire for new and fresh information is exactly why I need to be writing. That’s the core of why I do what I do – to learn new and improved ways to help people move and feel better. So, I’m not going to be perfect and publish the perfect truth on here…because, frankly, that’s impossible. There are too many moving parts – there’s going to be another article to read, another video to watch, and another experience to be had at every moment that I hit “Publish”. But, I do promise to write about what I know to be true to me right now.

I’ll work on the inner pressure to be perfect and begin my journey with resolute OK-ness on being imperfect. This doesn’t exempt me from being invested in learning nor does it mean that I’m going to be careless about what I’m writing. Instead it means that I’m going to just write – write about what what I’m doing, what I’m seeing, and what I’m experiencing. And, if – strike that – when I change my mind, I’ll keep you in the loop.

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