How To Write Your Own Strength Workouts

How To Write Your Own Strength Workouts

In the past I’ve promoted hiring a coach to write a strength program. When I fall back to my own programming I end up failing myself in some capacity; either I fail to include conditioning, I only do front squats or I’m completely inconsistent with my schedule. But, that’s me, and not you.

While I’m definitely more in favor of writing strength cycles for individuals or small groups, I see that there is a desire to learn how to write a workout. I am using the word “workout” specifically because there is so much more that goes into writing a phase, cycle, or program (people write books, yes, plural) to get that information out there. My goal here is to help you write a full body workout so you don’t get bored in the gym and don’t know what to do. So…I made you an infographic.


  1. Your body knows: if something isn’t feeling right then, STOP DOING IT! Listen to your body, pushing only to the point that is comfortable.
  2. Form is king. Research the way to do a movement, then do it that way. If you need help, video yourself or ask someone – you can always reach out to me.
  3. Have fun!

I don’t provide every exercise I know in this graphic – it would just take up too much space. I’m putting many more of them in an email that’s going out this Sunday, so be sure to get yourself on the list.

Create Your Own Workouts

A note: moving quicker (i.e. having less rest) and/or moving more load (increasing weight and potentially decreasing reps) will be quite taxing on your body. Use these workouts judiciously and rest accordingly in the following days.

Fill me in on how this goes – share your workout in the comments!



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