Go define your health

Go define your health

Julie, you know it all! Julie, how did you know that? Julie, you’re amazing. Julie, I want to be you.

OK, so no one really goes that far! My goal today is to show you where I get all my information so that you can use it too. By no means is my list a complete compilation of all wellness things on the internet or even a total list of everything I read, but you might find some interesting blogs that you’d like to follow. Am I telling you to read them instead of me? Well, hopefully you have time for both 🙂 Since I’m just starting this blog and I’m potentially advising you on things – fitness, nutrition, self care, wellness -I thought you needed to know where I’m getting some of my information.

When you read my blog remember that my intention isn’t to put out misinformation. And, this isn’t a forum for me to be right 100% of the time for all of eternity (although, if you’re my husband, you think I am). New information comes out and I want to keep up with that so you get the best information possible. My intent is to write about what is working for me and my clients. There will be occasions when I write a post and later I change my mind or find new evidence that something else works better or I find out that I was completely wrong. I’ll make sure to put you first and let you know what’s happening. Me being right isn’t above your wellness.

Now is a good time to say that it’s important to recognize that I don’t agree or follow all of the advice from the sites listed below. I take what works for me and move forward incorporating it into my life. You will have to do the same – not everything works for everyone. Find your answers, find your truth, define your health. My goal is to give you some resources along the way.



So, here’s a list of resources. These aren’t all blogs, but if I’m reading a book by one of the enthusiasts below, I’ve included a link to their page. There’s also a podcast and some online tv. I’m open to anyone adding to this list – I know there is so much more out there and like you, I’m still figuring out my health.

In no particular order…


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