You’re eating what? I’m eating…delicata squash!

You’re eating what? I’m eating…delicata squash!

delicata squashOne of the hardest things about this series is making sure I spell things correctly. This is especially true when I’m introducing new foods…I mean, Kohlrabi?? Yes, I did just have to look that up.

This week I’m featuring a fruit from the squash family: the delicata squash. A few weeks ago I discovered you actually eat this squash (vs. displaying it in a cornucopia of gourds). I tried it out and it was FANTASTIC; it was everything that that I wanted a squash to be – nutty, hearty, creamy, sweet and savory with a little textured bite. During that moment I knew it was destined for this blog and when Adam and I went apple picking, I grabbed a few of these as well. My favorite way to prepare this is by sauteing with oil and salt. I tried to flavor it with some cinnamon and nutmeg last week and was disappointed. You don’t need to change the flavor of this fruit- it’s that good. I’ve tried sauteing and roasting it and I’ve got to say that I prefer the former.

Delicata Squash: Two Ways


  • Delicata Squash, medium size
  • EVOO (or avocado oil)
  • Salt


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Wash off squash and cut off ends, remove guts. (You don’t even peel it…add another point for awesome squash!)delicata squash
  3. With skin side up slice into crescent moon shapes, but feel free to give this a rough chop instead.
  4. Toss with EVOO (I used about 2 tablespoons, but that will depend on how much squash you have) and about 1 teaspoon salt. Arrange on a sheet pan lined with parchment. Alternatively, throw into a heated pan on the stove.delicata squash
  5. If you’re the roasting type, cook squash for about 30 minutes, flipping the squash during half-time. For those folks working on the stove, let the squash saute for about 15 minutes, stirring a few times throughout. You want the squash to look darkened on the edges. (If you’re like me, you saute until you see a lot of crispy brown goodness…and that’s ok too!)
  6. Enjoy your squash!

    delicata squash
    Saute vs. Roast


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