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How To Write Your Own Strength Workouts

In the past I’ve promoted hiring a coach to write a strength program. When I fall back to my own programming I end up failing myself in some capacity; either I fail to include conditioning, I only do front squats or I’m completely inconsistent with my schedule. But, that’s me, and not you. While I’m definitely more in favor of writing strength cycles… Read more →

Pelvic Tilt and the Water Bowl

Fact: Your rectus abdominis has more than a “6 pack”. You’re really getting  a bargain with a 10 pack, or 10 bellies to the muscle. Fact: Your 10 pack aids in a posterior pelvic tilt. Assumption: Everyone knows what posterior pelvic tilt means. This week I drew the rectus abdominis for my weekly muscle drawing on facebook. Head on over… Read more →

Get Your Push Up On

Let’s talk about the push up – the full body plank, all the way to the ground and we can’t forget about the getting back up part – push up. Why is this dang thing so hard? We are strong women, but there’s just something missing that is making this move so challenging. It’s Not All About Those Arms A huge… Read more →

The Unicorn of Workouts

Let’s talk about the unicorn of workouts. You know, the thing that’s going to give you the biggest results in the least amount of time. Everybody wants some of that! I know you’re thinking that it doesn’t exist. But, it does! This type of workout will get you fitter faster, help you lose fat and build muscle. I’m talking about… Read more →

The Only Thing You Should Do for Active Recovery

There are so many “shoulds” when talking about rest and recovery from everyday life, regular workouts, and once-in-awhile competitions. You should sleep 8 hours, you should drink your body weight in oz of water, you should take electrolytes, you should foam roll, you should stretch after you workout. I’m going to say it early: the only thing you really should… Read more →

Who Am I?

I think I was brought into this world expected to work in the wellness industry. My journey began when I was 4 and my parents enrolled me into a dance program at the local company. Quickly, I realized that gymnastics was the way I wanted to go and transitioned to the gym. This lasted until my sophomore year of high… Read more →