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On Quitting

On Monday I quit my workout halfway through and I’m not afraid to admit it. A year ago, I wouldn’t have even told my coach because I would have been so ashamed (such a powerful word, right?!) that I didn’t finish. The word QUIT has terrible connotations and our culture has perpetuated quit’s ugliness by praising the work-till-you-drop mentality. Well,… Read more →

Vacation Life

Proclamation: I want to make my whole life feel more like I do on vacation; I shall call this Vacation Life. You see, I returned two day ago from an 8 day stay at the beach. While away I discovered that there were a couple of things I did each day that I can bring into my “regular” life to make… Read more →

The Patience Trap

Two weeks ago I caught my tire on the trolley tracks and had a quick meeting with streets of Philadelphia. My first thought upon going down was “Oh no, this isn’t happening”. I’d only been biking to and from appointments for a couple of weeks, having done the research on how to lock up my bike and thinking about which… Read more →

It’s your fault I think I’m fat: reflections on NY Times body shaming piece

“It’s our decision to keep her as the smallest player in the top 10. Because, first of all she’s a woman, and she wants to be a woman.” – Tomasz Wiktorowski, coach of Agnieszka Radwanska (source) When I first read the NY Times article on women’s tennis star Serena Williams and her fellow competitors I was pissed off. How can such a… Read more →

Start Where You Are

Have you ever asked yourself why you aren’t able to do something? Do you think it’s because you’re not strong enough? Or, skilled enough? Or, disciplined enough? The list goes on and we all create reasons why we aren’t able to do something — squat 250 pounds, do a pull up, meditate for 20 minutes every day, kick the coffee…the list… Read more →

Not Another Boring Water Post

Confession: I have Keratosis Pilaris on my arms. It sounds really scary, right? You’ve probably seen it and there’s a 50% chance that you have it too. It’s also commonly called “Chicken Skin” because of the appearance of small bumps on the arms, legs, abdomen and sometimes the face. For whatever reason, the body doesn’t efficiently get rid of keratin and it gets… Read more →

Sisterhood Everywhere

A little over 8 months ago I received a newsletter from Jen Sinkler about something called the Radiance Retreat that her, Jill Coleman, and Neghar Fonooni were leading in March. I read the email, looked at the website and pretty much bought the plane ticket. At this point in my career I was making ends meet so-to-speak, but wouldn’t call myself super profitable – at least… Read more →

That Time I Went to a Nudist Beach

Last week around this time my husband and I woke up to a beautiful day in Hawaii; our first mission of the day was to partake in a local nudist beach. And, when I say partake…I mean, we-took-all-of-our-clothes-off-in-a-public-space. And, the result wasn’t shame, rather something I wasn’t quite expecting. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. You see, last Thursday Adam… Read more →

Imperfect Manifesto

I won’t claim to be absolutely right, but will claim to write what I believe is right, well, right now. The wellness industry is constantly changing and it would be impossible to write the most absolute truth for you each week because by the next week we’ll all have more information and our views changed. Knowing this has prohibited me from… Read more →