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The Big Hunka Quad Muscles

The big hunka muscles on the fronts of your legs is the Quadriceps Group. They get tight and can wreak havoc on the rest of your body if not taken care of, but often times I find that while clients are aware they exist, there’s little TLC done to them except the occasional quick foam roll. The quick back and forth… Read more →

The Sneaky Adductors

One of the first questions I ask clients when they come to see me for massage is to give me explicit consent to treat certain areas of the body. Massage therapists don’t work on private areas, but there are some commonly protected areas that are hugely beneficial to treat on the right individual. My intake asks permission to work on the abdomen… Read more →

Pectoralis Major: The Hustle Muscle

Pectoralis Major, or pec major around town, is the beefy chest muscle you use to complete reps on the bench press or pushup. It’s also used a crazy amount during a part of The Hustle. And, if you don’t know what that is, you need to know…so, here’s Robert Hays being liberal with this move: There’s also a lot of… Read more →

Pelvic Tilt and the Water Bowl

Fact: Your rectus abdominis has more than a “6 pack”. You’re really getting  a bargain with a 10 pack, or 10 bellies to the muscle. Fact: Your 10 pack aids in a posterior pelvic tilt. Assumption: Everyone knows what posterior pelvic tilt means. This week I drew the rectus abdominis for my weekly muscle drawing on facebook. Head on over… Read more →

tibialis anterior

Releasing Tibialis Anterior

Last week I drew a picture of the muscle tibialis anterior to help you familiarize yourself with this lower leg muscle. (Each week I’m going to publish the new ones to my facebook page, so be sure to check them out!) Tibialis Anterior (TA) originates at the lateral condyle of the tibia, the proximal lateral surface of the tibia and… Read more →

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Choosing a Massage Therapist

Since we’ve talked about the how-tos of getting a massage and had a Q and A on all things massage, I thought we’d round out this 3 part series with my thoughts on how to pick a massage therapist. Before I became an LMT, I thought the only way was to go to the closest spa and hope you like the… Read more →

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Massage Therapist FAQs

Last week I talked about the process of getting a massage – how the session usually goes and what you can expect from your therapist. While writing that post, I realized that you might have some questions that weren’t answered or answered…enough…in that post. So, here are some FAQs to clear anything up. I cover everything from undressing to if… Read more →

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The Process of Getting a Massage

Being a massage therapist and having had hundreds of massages I sometimes forget that getting a massage is a new experience for some people. There are lots of reasons that people come in for massage, some include interest in relieving chronic pain, softening up tight muscles, a need to make time for themselves or simply to see what all the… Read more →

Who Am I?

I think I was brought into this world expected to work in the wellness industry. My journey began when I was 4 and my parents enrolled me into a dance program at the local company. Quickly, I realized that gymnastics was the way I wanted to go and transitioned to the gym. This lasted until my sophomore year of high… Read more →