I love front squatting: a confession on why I hire a coach.

I love front squatting: a confession on why I hire a coach.

I suppose you might think that because I coached CrossFit or because I’m a personal trainer that I write my own workouts. You may even want me to post the workouts I complete online; but, I won’t do that. Whhhhy? Because I hired a coach and they write workouts for me (and, I’m a stickler for copyright…). I hope you don’t stop reading and think I’m a scam because it’s quite the opposite. Hiring someone to help has tons of value. I’m here to help you just as my coaches are there to help me…it’s the circle of life.

Here’s 5 (spoiler alert: there’s actually 6) reasons why I hire a coach:

1) I love front squatting…and dislike back squatting. 

If I was never told to back squat, I would never do it. I think that speaks for itself, don’t you?

2) I love motivation. 

Ido Portal talks about how he gets motivation from within. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t mastered the art of self motivation as much as he has. Working with a coach definitely helps with that. If someone is taking the time to work with me, I feel like I owe it to them to perform the work that they created. Not only that, but they can kick my ass if I don’t do it!

3) I love learning new things.

During my fitness journey I like to think I started with the hard stuff – gymnastics. During that time in my life everything was new – from handstands to walking on the beam to jumping over a giant horse (that video makes you cry, right?). Then came the discus and then the long distance running and then the hammer. Interspersed was weight lifting. Next was CrossFit and now I’m working through a strength program. Can you believe after all of that I’m still learning new things? I can and it’s awesome. Here’s me working on my Jefferson Deadlift. You heard correctly…a Jefferson Deadlift. Truth be told, I didn’t even know what that was before Jen Sinkler and now I can’t get enough of them.

Jefferson Deadlift
Don’t judge my form (unless you’re a trained professional)…I’m still learning!

There’s so much to do, learn and love and I feel like I’m just breaking into it.

4) I love days off.

Have you ever gotten into a workout rut? You know the kind where you go to the gym everyday and you don’t stop, ever? Well, a good coach is going to make you take some time off and it’ll be right when you need it. Injury prevention is most likely one of their top goals and rest factors into that. Not to mention with days off your mind has time to recover too.

5) I love just going to the gym.

When I became a CrossFit coach and then a NASM personal trainer I thought it would be great to program my own workouts (even though the previous 4 reasons were screaming at me not to!). What I didn’t find so great was that I missed “just going to the gym” and using that as a resource for stress relief. If I programmed my own workouts I had to create them and create them without bias (refer back to #1) and truthfully, it was taking the fun out of it. It was similar to if I were a mason and every time I wanted to cross a river I had to build a bridge…so not like that, but close? Sooner rather than later, I just stopped working out as much. (I’d hate to see what that would look like if I were a mason…probably a lot of swimming.)

BONUS! 6) I love making progress in the gym.

I love lifting heavy things and coaches make me better at lifting heavy things. Without a doubt I wouldn’t have my current PRs without the guidance of coaches. They can see things that others can’t – sometimes it’s a bit creepy…in a good way.


Note: a coach can come in many forms: I’ve had sports coaches when I was an athlete, I’ve trained with coaches when I signed up for the marathon, when I joined CrossFit, after I left CrossFit and was in a limbo stage and now, I’m working with someone online. What I’m saying is that there are many ways to find someone to help you out. I’m available, there’s CrossFit, bootcamps at your gym, books with programs, personal trainers that you might know or running/swimming/biking/strength/etc. group that has one of the members programming workouts. Just choose one to get started.

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