Workout Wednesday

For the past few weeks I’ve been cutting back on my workouts, adding leisure walks and really trying to auto-regulate, using intuition and some biofeedback testing to determine what I do. That being said, oftentimes I’m updating what I’m doing mid-workout because a movement doesn’t feel great. (Learning how to do this has been a process over many years, but if… Read more →

The Big Hunka Quad Muscles

The big hunka muscles on the fronts of your legs is the Quadriceps Group. They get tight and can wreak havoc on the rest of your body if not taken care of, but often times I find that while clients are aware they exist, there’s little TLC done to them except the occasional quick foam roll. The quick back and forth… Read more →

The Other Bigs of Bigness

I’m probably one of the laziest fit people you know: I sit between sets, I work hard to be as efficient as possible so I don’t have to move 45-pound plates more than necessary, and more often than not, I drive to the gym despite being within a 20-minute walk (don’t judge). So, it came as no surprise to my… Read more →

The Bigs of Bigness

I put it off for so long—The Bigness Project, I mean. I knew it was happening; there was chatter about it last fall after many of my friends signed up for an early access group and left me in the chalk dust flying off of my barbell. They were very excited to grow their muscles Arnold-style using techniques specific to hypertrophy… Read more →

The Sneaky Adductors

One of the first questions I ask clients when they come to see me for massage is to give me explicit consent to treat certain areas of the body. Massage therapists don’t work on private areas, but there are some commonly protected areas that are hugely beneficial to treat on the right individual. My intake asks permission to work on the abdomen… Read more →

Adulting Friendships

In the weeks leading up to the Radiance Retreat 2015 I was filled with excited anxiety. I didn’t know anyone that was going, I was rooming with a woman I’d never met and I looked up to many of the attendees so the celebrity factor was pretty high. In the first few hours my anxieties were quieted with the abundance… Read more →

On Noticing

I had a teacher in middle school, Mrs. A, who wanted us to learn the 21 comma rules of the English language. As a “rebellious” pre-teen I decided that requirement was ridiculous and actively chose to not learn those comma rules. I, and about half of the class, failed the test. So Mrs. A gave us another shot and retested us.… Read more →

New Year, New You?

Around this time of year, you’ll find all sorts of articles, posts and blogs about how you need to make January 1 the first day of the rest of your life. Humph! On last week’s episode In years past I’ve tried making resolutions to start January 1. Well, you know what happened? New Year’s Eve happened and I was hungover, bloated… Read more →